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Feb 5, 2013 5:30pm EST
reptiles retorciéndose con soló una cosa en mente. ♪ la herpetóloga kate jackson las estaba esperando. (kate jackson) miren eso. los machos emergen antes que las hembras y las aguardan en un grupo grande. (narrador) cuando una hembra aparece, lo saben de inmediato y se apilan para aprovechar la oportunidad. aquí está la hembra, vean lo grande que es. sólo miren esos machos, conforme la levanto todos van tras ella. (narrador) esta hembra sigue dura y tiesa después de la larga hibernación, así que no puede escapar de los machos. forman una bola de apareamiento, una masa retorcida de serpientes con la hembra solitaria enterrada en su corazón. (kate jackson) se empujan y amontonan y se frotan contra sus escamas y enrollan sus colas alrededor de su cola porque todo lo que esperan es que una serpiente de todas esas pueda aparearse con ella. ♪ (narrador) si un macho se encuentra en el lugar correcto en el momento correcto, está bien equipado para tomar ventaja. (kate jackson) los machos tienen dos penes, semipenes bifurcados, se mantienen doblados dentro de la cola y los sacan cuan
Feb 20, 2013 7:30pm EST
show invited to "good morning america" for the return of robin roberts. >>> michael jackson's son prince michael is back with us. it's the moment of truth. how did he do on his first assignment as an "e.t." correspondent? >>> first, millions were watching her "gma return." what was going on behind the scenes? my exclusive interview with robin roberts is our "entertainment tonight" top story. >> wow. come on, robin. >> rob. >> what a great show. how does it feel? >> i was there from the first moment robin stepped onset. >> 6:30. robin's first day back. she greeted all of her co-workers. the excitement has been amazing. >> robin is back only on "gma." >> where else would i be? >> are you nervous? >> yes, yes. i haven't done live television in six months. >> were you a little bit rusty to start? >> not bad, not bad. the first quarter was a little rough there, rob. then i felt by the second -- >> make-up checks. plenty of purell. and outtakes. >> my name is robin. i have been waiting 174 days to say this. >> hi, it's robin. i have been waiting 174 days to say this. good morning, ameri
Feb 22, 2013 7:30pm EST
. >> oh, it's the oscars and i'm an actor. >>> plus, prince michael jackson making news. >> we'll show you what happened just minutes after my first "e.t." interview. >>> only i am sitting down with the man playing jesus in the new bible mini series. >>> first, as we showed you, the oscar preparations are going on around the clock. >> i know what's keeping us going. coffee. >> that's right. so what is it like to walk the red carpet come oscar sunday? >> we're going to show you as we team up with dunkin donuts to help us power through. >> once the stars exit the publicist tent they'll join more than 3,000 people walking the 500-foot-long red carpet. first stop, 100 photographers from around the globe. >> george, jennifer, bradley, just some of the stars that are going to be striking a pose. for the guys, it's easy. throw on a tux and go. for the ladies it's more involved. >> it's not going to hang off my booty? >> i don't think so. >> if there's any place where you can wear a train, it's the oscars. >> stars will pass 700 screaming fans in the bleachers and make their way on to this turn wh
Feb 18, 2013 7:30pm EST
jackson's son, prince michael, joins "entertainment tonight" as our special guest correspondent. >> that's right. brooke anderson is with him right now. >>> we are thrilled to have him, the first time prince michael has done something like this. he will be on our stage in a few minutes. a very impressive and nice young man. >> so sweet. so charming. >>> first, the sad news tonight, the apparent suicide death of country music star, mindy mccready. why couldn't this tragedy be prevented? >> that's what i want to know. that's why i sat down with the man who tried to help her conquer her demons on "celebrity rehab" dr. drew pinsky. >> she apparently shot herself in the face on this front porch moments after shooting her dog and days after being released from a mental health clinic. >> it's awful. what's awful to me, she was allowed to go home where there was a firearm. >> dr. drew knew mccready well. she participated in season three of "celebrity rehab," and it was dramatic. >> she's having a seizure. nurse! nurse! she's having a seizure, right now! right now. somebody! dear god. nurse! >> m
Feb 8, 2013 2:30pm PST
three decades ago was a community organizer on the south side, the kind of work phil jackson does today. >> we have people killed, one right here, one white there -- one right there in the alley. >> he points to streets and houses abandoned by their owners now used by drug addicts, prostitutes, and gangs. >> guns do not kill. people kill. we could leave a right done right here. that gun is not going to shoot none of us. they need jobs. we need mental health experts out here. >> the debate was prompted by the school shooting in newtown, but in a different way, what we found here is just as troubling -- a constant stream of murders in a city awash with guns. >> gun crime there in chicago. some positive news tonight -- doctors treating the 15-year-old girl shot in the head by the taliban. she has been discharged from treatment in britain after her successful surgery. she underwent treatment to have a hearing in plant fitted. the teenager says she plans to continue her campaign for girl'' education in pakistan despite the attack. you are watching "bbc world news america." still to come -- b
Feb 6, 2013 5:30pm EST
the verdict in the trial of michael jackson. reaction from both families. the governor made a pitch for gun-control proponents are expressing their views loud and clear. a live report from annapolis. the stories for you and more >> yesterday's victory parade showed the ravens hall strong football pride can be. 200,000 strong. ray rice rolling in with teammates. one of the best moments of his career. >> and on to new york. the running back made an appearance on "live with kellie and michael." >> he looked great and offered his take on that third quarter power outage. >> we're all watching the game obviously and you guys have the commanding lead, you're in control. you have a 33 minute power outage. did that almost cost to the game? >> you are saying 33. it was 84 minutes. >> you are not on the field. >> yes. >> you want to keep our momentum as a running back, you want to keep yourself out. we are still sitting and the power goes out. >> do you think someone from the 49ers' pulled the plug? >> i do not know what happened. the only thing i can say now is i am glad i am a super bowl champion. >
Feb 21, 2013 7:30pm EST
jackson's son with the men of "oz" for "e.t." >> find out what james franco told me when the director revealed he wasn't the first choice for the role. >>> we're on the set of kevin costner and his young son. >> they've both met girls. >>> what's hot on tv this weekend? >> we're teaming up with papa john's to break it all down with our better weekend guide. >> we all fly out together as a film crew. >> start off your weekend with the cia thriller "argo." >> i need you to help me make a fake movie. >> you want to come to hollywood and act like a big shot without actually doing anything? >> yeah. >> you'll fit right in. >> ben affleck produces, directs and stars in the film. based on a declassified true story. >> you have 72 hours to get them out. >> "argo" is nominated for seven oscars. you can see it on blu-ray and dvd now. >> everything's got to be real. >>> another hot pick, the daytona 500. danica patrick starts in the poll position for nascar's biggest race. catch all the action sunday on fox. >>> the final ingredient for a better weekend. we showed you earlier, sunday night is al
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)